Earth and Sky Web.jpg

Earth and Sky

By Douglas Post

march 13 - 29, 2020

Box Office: 513.684.1236

EARTH AND SKY is a poetic thriller about a would-be poet and part-time librarian named Sara McKeon whose lover of ten weeks, David Ames, is found dead one hot August morning in the city of Chicago. It appears that David, owner and manager of an expensive art-deco restaurant, may have been involved in several illicit activities including kidnapping, rape and murder. Unable to believe that the man she gave her heart to was a killer, and outraged that the police seem to have closed the book on the case, Sara begins her own investigation of the crime and is led deeper and deeper through the urban labyrinth into the contemporary underworld. As the detective story moves forward in time, scenes from the love affair take us back to the moment when Sara and David first met. Finally the plots converge, and Sara finds herself face to face with the person who murdered her beloved.

Director: jef brown



Sara McKeon – Patricia Mullins
David Ames – CJ Bossart
Detective Al Kersnowski – Michael Ireland
Detective H.E. Weber – Darren Lee
Joyce Lazlo – Elizabeth Hickerson
Billy Hart – Bryce Willson
Carl Eisenstadt – Burt McCollom
Marie DeFaria – Natasha Boeckmann
Julius Gatz – Fred Murrell