The Last Night of Ballyhoo
Audition Information

Mariemont Players and director Aaron Whitehead announce auditions for “The Last Night of Ballyhoo” by Alfred Uhry.



Since auditions are virtual and you won't be interacting with other actors, the director is looking for a monologue. You should select a monologue that reflects the way you think the character might speak or think. 
If you are interested in auditioning for Adolph, Sunny, Joe, or Boo, in addition to your monologue, please record the following sides:



Virtual auditions will open for recorded submissions on June 14, 2021. All recorded submissions are due June 25, 2021.

For those with technical challenges, live (but virtual) auditions will be held Saturday, June 26, 202, by appointment only, from 10 am-12 pm.


CALLBACKS: Callbacks will be held on July 23, 2021 from 7-9 pm and July 24, 2021 from 2-4 pm.


PERFORMANCE DATES: November 5 - 21, 2021





In December 1939, Gone with the Wind is having its world premiere and Hitler’s invading Poland, but members of Atlanta’s Jewish-German elite are more concerned with who’s going to Ballyhoo, the social event of the season. Amidst comedy, romance, and unexpected turns, the Freitag family is forced to face where they come from and deal with who they really are. Winner of the 1997 Tony Award for Best Play.



Sunny Freitag (20s): Sunny is a young college student who is hard-working and intelligent but largely unaware of how charming she is. She is aware of struggle and suffering on an academic level but has never had to experience much of it herself.

Joe Farkas (20s): Joe is a passionate but disciplined young man who grew up with his Jewishness being part of his everyday life – and proud of it. A New Yorker, his normal level of confidence has been challenged by being so out of his element in the Deep South.

Boo Levy (40s-60s): Boo’s mission in life is to be the epitome of the classy Southern society lady. She is a remarkably determined lady, especially when it comes to making sure that her daughter becomes everything that Boo thinks she should be.

Adolph Freitag (40s-60s): Brother of Boo and uncle of Sunny and Lala. Adolph took over the family business even though he is not incredibly ambitious nor is he a social climber. But he is a hard worker and a provider. More than anyone else in the family, he’s more inclined to choose his moments to really speak his mind.

Lala Levy (20s): Boo’s daughter. Lala feels the pressure of her mother’s expectations but can’t escape feeling that she is destined to chase her own dreams – big dreams. Lala is not perceived to be as popular, as confident, or as charming as her cousin, Sunny – and is very much aware of it.

Reba Freitag (40s-60s): Sister-in-law to Adolph and Boo and mother of Sunny. Unlike her sister-in-law Boo, Reba is not status-conscious or overly worried about public perception. She is just fine living in her own little world.

“Peachy” Weil (20s): Descendant of a very prominent southern Jewish family, and a very desirable date. It’s hard to tell when he’s joking – and his sense of humor isn’t always the most sensitive.


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