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Thanks To All the Ushers for Godspell

By Michael Sauer Arny Stoller, Steph Stoller, Karen Rokich (x2), Rilla Foster, Danny Davies, Chris Cullen, Norma Niinemets (x2), Alisa Lambert, Pam Shooner, Donna Surber, Mike Surber, Karen Zaugg (x2), Jan Costello (x2), Art Kibby, Joyce Kibby, Gudrun, Raynor, Chuck Strain, Samantha Toberman, Burt McCollom, Audrey Morrison, Liz Venn, Steve Phelan, Cathy Roesener, Steve Winslow, Linda Winslow, Rita Winters, Dan Maloney, Mike Morehead, John Nixon, Anna Nixon, Vicki Rafferty
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The Silver Whistle Play Update

The Silver Whistle Poster
Director Allan Karol has announced the cast for the November 3rd-19th production of "The Silver Whistle” by Robert E. McEnroe: Mr. Beebe - Art Kibby Mrs. Hamner - Dava Lynn Miss Hoadley - Chessie Vigran Miss Tripp - Nisrene Langenbrunner Reverend Watson - Dan Maloney Mrs. Sampler - Jan Costello Mrs. Gross - Ann Barfels Mr. Cherry - Timothy Carney Oliver Erwenter - Kenny Tessel Emmett - Arny Stoller Bishop - Jeff Carter Father Shay - Jim Waldfogle
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Thanks to All the Summerfair Volunteers

MPI Summerfiar Booth 2017
Arny Stoller wishes to thank everyone for helping with Summerfair this year. We spoke to hundreds of people, handed out season brochures, postcards for each of our upcoming productions and discount coupons for Godspell. Many filled out slips to enter a raffle for a season subscription thus swelling our list for future publicity. VERY SPECIAL THANKS to Art Kibby and Bill Pauly for assembling all the material, setting up the booth on Friday, manning it for the first shift and then striking it on Sunday. ALSO, THANK YOU VERY MUCH to all the other people who manned it over the three day event of Summerfair: Mollie Barresi, Chris Cullen, Dan Maloney, Audrey Morrison, Tom Peters, Karina & Fred Rothzeid, Breianne Sheehan & Leslie, Amy Sullivan, Traci Taylor, Linda & Steve Winslow, Lauren Woodiwiss and Liz Venn.
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